DTS to Equip Samsung Smart TVs with the Most Advanced Audio Solutions to Date

DTS to Equip Samsung Smart TVs with the Most Advanced Audio Solutions to Date

DTS, Inc., a leader in high-definition audio solutions and audio enhancement technologies, today announced that its DTS Studio Sound, DTS Premium Sound and DTS Premium Sound 5.1technology suites will be incorporated within Samsung's 2013 Smart TV lineup. DTS' advanced audio solution suites are designed to provide Samsung's customers with an impressive cinematic surround sound experience right out of the box.

"DTS is excited to expand its relationship with Samsung to deliver the kind of extraordinary entertainment experience that consumers have come to expect from the DTS brand directly to their TV customers," said Brian Towne, chief operating officer and executive vice president, DTS. "Our advanced TV audio solutions are designed to enable consumers to experience all content, including streaming media on connected models, in immersive virtual surround sound over the built-in speakers. The technologies shine even brighter when paired with DTS-encoded content, allowing users to unlock the full entertainment potential of their favorite movies and TV shows."

Select Samsung TVs featuring DTS audio technologies will deliver:

  • Natural sounding and immersive surround sound from TVs' built-in speakers
  • A comfortable and consistent listening experience free of unwanted volume fluctuations
  • HD-quality audio with deep bass, natural midrange and bright highs
  • Dialog that is crisp, clear and audible
  • Optimized presets available for specific content such as movies, music, news and sports

Samsung's middle- and premier-tier TVs featuring DTS' Premium Sound and Premium Sound 5.1 feature the ability to decode any DTS-encoded content, such as Blu-ray, broadcast and streaming media. This allows the TV to unlock all discrete channels of audio data within the content, which allows the DTS post-processing solutions to deliver an even more impressive virtual surround sound experience from the built-in audio system.

Visit www.DTS.com for more information, or connect with DTS on Facebook and Twitter (@DTS_Inc).

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