Coral to Launch Facebook Social Sportsbook Game Powered by 2BET2

Coral to Launch Facebook Social Sportsbook Game Powered by 2BET2

Coral Interactive, a division of Gala Coral Group, has commissioned Socialitize to develop a Coral branded Facebook game for virtual money social betting. The game provides players with an exciting and realistic virtual money betting experience on both real and virtual sporting events, together with tournament and other player versus player features. The game will be launched as "Coral Sportsplay" later this month.

"We know that many of our customers, both current and potential, are keen Facebook users," commented Matt Prevost, Marketing Director of Coral Interactive. "Giving them a Coral social gaming option on Facebook allows them to try their betting skills and test their sports knowledge without risk."

Coral Sportsplay will be completely free. Players sign up through Facebook, get a virtual money bonus for joining, and after an informative tutorial, get playing. Players can bet on real or virtual events and play in tournaments amongst themselves.

Adriaan Brink, CEO of Socialitize, is delighted that Coral have chosen 2BET2 Social Betting as their own brand sports gaming option. "We have invested considerable expertise and resources in the development of our unique and exciting Facebook social sports game. We are delighted that Coral have adopted 2BET2 Social Betting as the base for their chosen Facebook app and we see this as an endorsement of the product that we have developed."

Background Information

Socialitize is engaged in the design, origination and operation of 2BET2 Sports Betting, 2BET2 Sportsworld, 2BET2 Casino and other social gaming brands, primarily operated through Facebook, iPhone, Android and other mobile devices.

2BET2 Sports Betting is a free social sports game on Facebook. With informative up-to-date coverage of all major sports it offers players an opportunity to bet on anything from midweek European Soccer to the NFL on a Sunday evening. Signing up through Facebook users can start betting with virtual currency. Turbo Bet gives players a chance to have a quick game where events settle every minute. Tournaments give players the opportunity to play against their friends.