Attachmate Introduces Instant Mobile Access to Enterprise Apps

Attachmate Introduces Instant Mobile Access to Enterprise Apps

Attachmate Corporation today announced the availability of Attachmate Verastream Host Integrator 7.5, its mainframe application integration solutionenhanced for mobile access. The new version combined with the previously-released Verastream Process Designer R5 provides instant access from any mobile device and platform to mainframe applications.

"As an industry leader providing immediate access to legacy applications, extending that connectivity to mobile devices was a logical next step," said Tom Bice, vice president of marketing and product management at Attachmate. "We're able to connect any device to critical legacy applications, putting the power and information in employees' hands for access anywhere, anytime. Attachmate takes a unique approach. We allow companies to get ready for mobile by leveraging what they have today, with no expensive changes involved like re-coding existing apps."

Verastream streamlines mainframe application access and helps enterprises tackle the challenges associated with legacy application integration, no matter the environment. For example, it eliminates the technical complexity and code generation typically involved with bridging the old and new systems. In addition to providing instant access to legacy applications from any device, Verastream has essentially no impact on a user's mobile device or the enterprise's mainframe. This means virtually no disruption. Connectivity is leveraged through HTML5 and organizations can also control and customize the use and look of host applications.

New enhancements and key features include:

  • Embedded HTML5 support: This provides support for mobile device access to an assortment of mainframe and other legacy application types. As all application access and integration components are served to the mobile device, users experience virtually no negative impact, ensuring continued productivity. It is as simple as using a Web page, but has the functionality of a native application.
  • Theme support for tablets: Users have a similar user interface and experience when accessing applications from their desktop or tablet. This gives users a Seamless transition between devices and eliminates the need to learn another user interface, increasing efficiency.
  • Customizable "hotspots": This allows placement automation or execution of host activities (or keys) to show up as buttons or hyperlinks on the screen. A preferred method of control that allows mobile users control over host applications through simple touches and swipes.

Verastream is a critical component of Attachmate MobileNow, the company's recently announced mobile strategy and solution platform offering secure and manageable access to business information from any mobile device. For more information on Attachmate MobileNow, please visit:

"Mobility is changing the way business is done," said Ron Nunan, product marketing manager at Attachmate. "We've heard from customers that they need to connect their workforce immediately, but don't want disruption. Attachmate's Verastream provides this access, making businesses more productive, more accessible and boosting the bottom line."

Verastream Host Integrator and Process Designer are available immediately for purchase. For more information on pricing, please contact

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