Ask the Right Questions: Featured in, Questback CEO Frank M'llerop Guides Organizations on Their Employee Experience Strategy

NEW YORK, Dec. 7, 2017 /PRNewswire/, one of the largest online resources for HR leaders, features an insightful blog by Questback CEO Frank Mllerop exploring key factors leading to improve employee performance. "How to Ask the Right Questions of Your Employees" highlights critical challenges organizations face regarding their current employee engagement strategies and best practices for instituting the right kind of employee feedback program one that generates tangible results for your business.

Employee engagement is a long-standing concept with the potential to positively impact an organization's culture, effectiveness and business results. At the same time, best practices for implementing and deploying an effective employee engagement strategy is a conversation just as long-standing as the concept itself.

Previously with PwC and SAS Institute, Mllerop's career focuses on guiding organizations in acquiring the right data necessary to create and drive high-performing organizations. "Today, the world is more or less doubling its data. So, one of the key things to ask yourself is, do I have access to the right data?" states Mllerop. "It's not just transactional data what has happened, will happen and the best outcome. Leaders and organizations need to understand why."

Highlighted in the article, to understand and answer 'why' organizations need to collect the viewpoints of their stakeholders. Of which, employees are critical. But it is not enough to merely ask questions from employees with the hope of gaining relevant insights. Organizations need to ask the right questions.

Encourage honesty. Focus on continuous improvement. Take an always-on approach.

"You'll get nowhere if you're not asking valuable questions of your employees to really understand their experiences, ideas and concerns so that you can implement real changes in your business," states Mllerop. "And the best way to engage employees? Listen to them. That is, you should employ active listening passive listening won't cut it."

Mllerop dives into three best practices to ensure that organizations are instituting the right kind of employee engagement strategy to deliver real results. In conclusion, Mllerop aptly notes, "Employee engagement is an ongoing process, and it should be as any relationship is. It takes time and effort to develop trust with staff. But the businesses that can truly listen to employees fostering high-performance teams to drive superior businesses (and bottom lines) will stay ahead of the curve."

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