Analyst Report: Will Blackberry 10 Rescue RIM?

Analyst Report: Will Blackberry 10 Rescue RIM?

Today, Tech Analyst Jeff Kagan has weighed in on a very hot topic. Will BB10 rescue RIM? According to a Reuters article, users are lining up to try Blackberry 10.

Research in Motion said it will launch the newest operating system called Blackberry 10 at the end of January. There is enormous hum building. Will this be a success or not for RIM? Will it help RIM turn around and start to grow again, or not?

What's Kagan's thoughts? "RIM was the number one smart phone maker until the Apple iPhone and Google Android hit the market six years ago. Today RIM is still a large company, but it is shrinking. The big question many are asking is simple. Will RIM recover with their new Blackberry 10 operating system?"

The Reuters article says many users are anxious and hopeful this new BB10 will be different enough and exciting enough so they can stay RIM Blackberry customers.

"RIM has many different challenges, but two are most important. One, is BB10 advanced enough and forward thinking enough to win the hearts of their core users and also begin to win some back? Two, does RIM now understand the importance of advertising, marketing and public relations? And do they have a plan. This was one of the key reasons for the failure to begin with."

"They have created a spark of interest. That is good. Can they now grow that spark into a flame and keep the fire growing? Many in the marketplace really like Blackberry. The marketplace really needs another choice. Will BB10 reinvigorate RIM? That is ultimately the question. We'll soon see."