Amazon and Apple Ordered to Talk Settlement in 'Appstore' Case

Amazon and Apple Ordered to Talk Settlement in 'Appstore' Case

Bloomberg News reports that Apple and Amazon have been ordered by a judge to hold settlement talks to try and resolve their fight over the term 'App Store'. The companies have been Directed to confer and negotiate on March 21, in advance of a hopefully avoided August trail.

Here an App Store, there an Appstore, everyone has an App Store. In early January, a United States district court dismised the claim from Apple that was trying to mislead consumers with their launch of a mobile 'appstore.' Their argument was that they've been using 'App Store' for years, and that 'Appstore' would create confusion that it had something to do with Apple.

The court has just ruled that the mere use of 'Appstore' was too generic of a term, and that there was no deceit of users by Amazon in any of the marketing.

Think that's it? No, there's still 6 more parts to the case to go on the trademark infringement case that have yet to be ruled on.

The Amazon Appstore for the Google Android operating systems was opened on March 22, 2011 and is now available worldwide.