Fitness Tip of the Day: Stuck Indoors? Amp Up Your Treadmill Workout!

Fitness Tip of the Day: Stuck Indoors? Amp Up Your Treadmill Workout!

Does Stella have you stagnant? Take your workout indoors with this 10-minute treadmill interval workout that alternates pace and incline. Sprinting at the end will challenge your glutes and quads*:

2 minute brisk walk at 3.0 incline

2 minute jog at 1.5 incline

1 minute run at 1.5 incline

2 minute brisk walk at 3.5 incline

2 minute jog at 3.5 incline

1 minute uphill sprint at 3.5 incline

*Information from Daily Burn

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*Disclaimer: The aforementioned is not to be construed as medical or professional fitness advice. Please always consult the advice of a physician, nutritionist, or other medical personnel before beginning any fitness or nutritional program.


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