Fitness Pro Ilaria Cavagna Launches HIGH HEEL RESCUE LOOP

Fitness Pro Ilaria Cavagna Launches HIGH HEEL RESCUE LOOP

Fitness Pro Ilaria Cavagna Launches HIGH HEEL RESCUE LOOP

Fitness professional, Ilaria Cavagna is a certified Pilates trainer with a masters degree in exercise science and movement who has developed the revolutionary High Heel Rescue (HHR) loop and workout program to strengthen feet and rescue women who want to wear high heels! The HHR loop merges fitness and fashion! ( $69.99) Included with the HHR Loop is a carry case, tips, workouts/updates and it comes in 2 sizes.

The High Heel Rescue LOOP is simple to use (2 straps, 2 settings) keeping comfort and safety as top priorities. The smoothness of the leather is so comfortable, you won't want to put it down and the sparkling crystals give it the perfect pop of fashion that one associates with wearing high heels. It's portable, light and small and it takes little space in a purse or tote. It can be used anytime/anywhere and is perfect for the busy woman!

High Heel Rescue is the foot-SPA to reenergize the feet! It fills the much needed niche for: High heel lovers, fashionistas, & high heel addicts; Anyone who stands for many hours, whose feet are tired by the end of the day; Fitness professionals; Runners; Dancers; and, anyone who suffers from plantar fasciitis, bunions, Morton's Neuroma, and other toe conditions.

With High Heel Rescue LOOP women will be able to: Strengthen the feet and ankles; Separate the toes and the metatarsal bones enabling the feet to explore the proper range of motion; and, Increase the blood circulation in the foot and ankle complex, which is fundamental to decreasing any type of inflammation affecting the foot or a part of it.<

Many customers who have used HHR have reported improvement of the following conditions: Bunions - By strengthening the abductor halluces; Morton's Neuroma - By spreading the toes and increasing blood circulation and movement between the metatarsal bones; Flat feet - By strengthening the little muscles at the bottom of the foot and lifting the arch; Plantar Fasciitis - By stretching the calf muscles and spreading the toes; & other Toe Conditions - By stretching the toes and rebalancing the relationship between extensor and flexor muscles of the toes.

About Ilaria Cavagna:

Ilaria Cavagna has a Masters Degree in exercise science and movement. She is a Romana certified Pilates trainer who has moved seamlessly from being a gymnast and athlete to a performer, to a practitioner teaching the disciplines she believes in. Her degree in Movement Science, Pilates certification combined with her innovative SOMA-training studies give her an understanding of both the beauty and function of the human body when properly trained. She strongly believes in the combination of strength and stretch which provides the body with progressive lifetime improvement. All these disciplines combined with her work on posture improvement are key for her work in helping her clients maintain healthy and injury-free bodies. The gravity line, the way we stand and the way we move is essential to having an efficient and pain free body which prompted her to create the High Rescue Loop so women could look and feel their best in high heels. Her mission is to help women who love high heels have it both ways: perfect foot health and high style. "High Heels tell our history. They change the way women move and act and provide a burst of confidence."

Connect with Ilaria Cavagna IG & Twitter: @HighHeelRescue