Bold & Naked Yoga Becomes NYC's First Nude Yoga Studio, 1/2014

Bold & Naked Yoga Becomes NYC's First Nude Yoga Studio, 1/2014

Joschi Schwarz and Monika Werner - co-founders of Bold & Naked Yoga in New York City - are excited to take a bold new direction by creating the first of its kind Nude Yoga studio in NYC. Having taught Naked Yoga classes for years, their students inspired them to take the next step with this new concept of creating a welcoming and intimate urban base to take a great Yoga class in the nude.

There is a lot of judgments about ourselves and about one another, a constant worry of not being good enough or somehow being inadequate. With Bold & Naked Yoga Studio, Schwarz and Werner want to create a safe environment to let go of all that and to really experience a community of openness where students get a sense of freedom and release around their bodies.

Part of yoga is to honor and connect with one's own body. Schwarz says practicing yoga naked frees practitioners from negative body image and allows them to be more accepting of physical imperfections. Being naked socially provides people with considerable mental and physical benefits with the greatest psychological benefit being the acceptance, respect and liking for ones own body and respecting others in their various forms. Students will find a deeper connection with themselves and the world around them.

About Bold & Naked Yoga:
Bold & Naked Yoga is a welcoming and intimate urban base, a vibrant hub of New York culture and a personal gateway into what is one of the coolest 'BOLD & NAKED' places around.

Bold & Naked Yoga is a great place to take a yoga class, chat and enjoy the low-key, relaxed atmosphere that makes for an undemanding and unpretentious experience.

Bold & Naked offers Yoga classes in the nude and clothed, Naked Yoga Private Sessions, Yoga Life Coaching, Tantric Yogassage and Yoga Teacher Trainings as well as Continuing Education Programs in New York City and world wide.

Bold & Naked is not about being naked for naked's sake, even though that's perfectly fine. It is about being comfortable in ones own skin and the amazing confidence that comes with it. It's about knowing, accepting and loving oneself at the core - perfect and capable of anything.

What's distinctive about BOLD & NAKED's teaching and coaching is that student and teacher are in it together, raw and brave. A rare experience of real life spirituality.

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