ZestNow.com Responds to Women Over 50's Fashion Needs

ZestNow.com Responds to Women Over 50's Fashion Needs

ZestNow readers don't want to be forgotten just because they are over 50.  They are interested in attractive, fashionable clothing, not dowdy looks and or outfits that look best on those under 40. 

In response to their needs ZestNow.com, the web site for women over 50, created the ZestNow Shop. The best products are especially chosen to meet the needs of viewers in a collection that covers Fashion, Beauty, Health and Books.

In Fashion, the selection of shoes emphasize comfort with fashion. Five inch platforms don't make the list but plenty of attractive lower heeled shoes and flats do. Great handbags and jeans that fit their bodies are important to ZestNow viewers. In Health, the emphasis is on products to make life easier and healthier including useful products for travelers.

Clothing from well known designers including Michael Kors, Kate Spade and Calvin Klein are featured, but only their designs which work well for women over 50. The skirt lengths are near the knee or longer, the fit is easy and the necklines aren't too low.

ZestNow features many articles with tips and information on Style, Relationships, Health & Happiness, Money & Retirement, Entertainment, Shop and the Zest Community.