VIDEO: 'CPM SLAVA ZAITSEV' Spring Summer 2014 Moscow

From: Fashion Channel


About Slava Zaitsev:

Moscow Fashion House founded in 1982 by the outstanding Russian designer Vyacheslav Zaitsev. Enterprise European level became active defender of fashion stereotypes.

By the time he made the impossible. Lifelong dream come true: fashion has become an independent and autonomous art form.

Vyacheslav Zaitsev and a recognized leader in the Russian fashion world, and his fashion house has become a true center of education of good taste, where a face of the modern man.

Based on the Fashion House Fashion Theatre is a form of propaganda convincing spectacular beauty. Zaitsev first in our country began a theatrical display of collections - demonstration models with the plot, developing as a drama or a parody. This kind of synthetic genre, combining drama, directing, acting, music.

From allegories Theatre talked about his understanding of life, beauty and harmony, rising above the everyday viewer and bustle, drawing him into the holiday spirit. Through his Theatre Russian fashion reached the world level, taking its rightful place on a par with such recognized trendsetters such as France and Italy.

VIDEO: 'CPM SLAVA ZAITSEV' Spring Summer 2014 Moscow