Update on Missoni's Missing Plane

Update on Missoni's Missing Plane

It's been two weeks since a plane carrying Vittorio Missoni and several friends went missing off the coast of Venezuela. Instead of answers, the cell phone call logs of some of the passengers have given more support to what Venezuelan authorities are calling a kidnapping "conspiracy theory" reports Racked.

The Daily Beast is calling them "cell phone anomalies" and suggest something more sinister than a plane crash:

January 4: "According to several Italian newspapers, a list of calls registered by the local Venezuelan telephone carrier the Italians' phones were roaming through showed that both the Foresti phones made a series of calls at noon on Jan. 4, several hours after the plane disappeared."

January 6: "According to Italian wire service ANSA, more than 48 hours after the plane disappeared, the cellphone belonging to fellow passenger Guido Foresti sent a message to Foresti's son indicating that the phone was back in range after being out of that zone since earlier that day. Calls made later to both Foresti and his wife's number indicated that the phones were off."

January 7: "Calls to Foresti's wife's phone rang 10 times before automatically transferring through to the phone's answering service, indicating that her phone was also momentarily on or back in cell-tower range."

As always, we will keep you updated with the lastest news as the search contines.