Twin Sisters from Columbia College of Missouri Create Boots for Every Mood

Twin Sisters from Columbia College of Missouri Create Boots for Every Mood

Bailye and Brynne Stansberry are a DECA success story!

The Stansberry sisters are twins who took their high school DECA idea for clear boots with interchangeable liners - boots for every mood! - from a high school marketing competition to a patented product (No. D623385). The twins then launched their own company, TwoAlity LLC, ( during their junior year at Columbia College of Missouri and are now just months away from launching their brand and selling their products. The first product, boots by TwoAlity, should be available in stores in early 2013. 

  • Clear boots – boots by TwoAlity – have liners in different styles for all seasons
  • Twin cofounders had the idea as teens – and ran with the idea while earning college degrees
  • Cofounders wanted their product "made in the USA." They succeeded!

Background Info 
At the suggestion of their DECA adviser Sonda Stuart, the Stansberry sisters participated in DECA's Competitive Events Program and invented an innovative, transparent boot design that allows its users to switch the visual design of the boot with interchangeable liners. The twins attended Columbia College of Missouri, working throughout their college career to learn as much as they could about business – everything from entrepreneurship to economic development and marketing.

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