The Perfect Knot™ Tie Kit Creates the Perfect Windsor Know

The Perfect Knot™ Tie Kit Creates the Perfect Windsor Know

The Perfect Knot™ Tie Clip Kit aims to be the new must have men's accessory.  The Perfect Knot enables all men to make the perfect Double Windsor tie knot every time on their very first try.

The invention of former NFL football player Franco Biancamano, the Perfect Knot tie clip sports a patented state-of-the art design that allows men to make a perfect Double Windsor knot.  Once the clip is in the correct place and position, the user would make their tie as they normally would around the clip.  When finished, the clip is hidden and what is left is the perfect Double Windsor knot that stays flawlessly in place.

As an NFL player who circulated in the A-list celebrity crowd, Franco understood the importance of sporting a pristine image on and off the field.  He was extremely surprised when he was constantly asked by athletes and celebrities alike on how to properly tie a necktie and their awe on how he always got his just right on the first try.  As a result, Franco along with his partner and investor, Anthony Franzese, created the Perfect Knot tie clip out of the vision and belief that men can look their best and achieve the perfect knot without all of the hassle and frustration.  On average it takes men at least several attempts to make only an average looking knot, now with the Perfect Knot he can get a perfect, Double Windsor knot each and every time.

The Pefect Knot Tie Clip Kit includes all the tools needed to make a pristine Double Windsor tie knot along with added must-have items to keep a well dressed men looking polished independent of what his style sense may be.  The valet box includes a small Perfect Knot tie clip for skinny, high-fashion ties, a medium size for the most common, average tie and a large size for the more robust, thicker ties.  Each size clip will make the appropriate size knot for each type of tie and allows men to achieve their specific desired look.  All three clips are made from the most advanced space age material so they are extremely lightweight and comfortable.  Because there are three sizes to choose from, the kit can be used with any size or brand of tie.  Also included are three sets of patented matching collar stays in size small 2 ¼', medium 2 ½' and large 3 inches. 

Along with the small, medium and large size tie clips and matching collar stays there is an instructional DVD that contains a video on how to use the Perfect Knot tie clip in just three steps. Simplifying elegance has never been this easy!

The corporate culture is changing and heading back to a more polished, sophisticated way of dress. Wearing a tie isn't just seen as a formality anymore.  It is a way a man can express himself and his style by making a great statement. Ultimately ties can be the most important accessories in his wardrobe allowing him to change his look on a daily basis.  

A man wears a tie for many reasons and to commemorate many milestones whether it is a special occasion, to a job or important interview or even as a time honored tradition that is passed down from Father to Son.   Now with the Perfect Knot, every man can make the Perfect Knot every time!

The Perfect Knot is available for purchase at with a retail price of $29.50.