The Natural Sapphire Company Creates $700,000 iPad Mini Case

The Natural Sapphire Company Creates $700,000 iPad Mini Case

Apple made waves again with their latest release: the iPad Mini!  Expected to place first among other tablets of its size, customers will be seeing this smaller, 7.9 inch iPad everywhere. Pre-orders begin October 26th, but why settle for Apple's standard black and white color options? Why not up the wow factor and make a real statement with an iPad Mini encrusted in glistening sapphires and diamonds?!

From the designers of the "iPhone Case to End All iPhone Cases," The Natural Sapphire Company is releasing the finest iPad Mini Case the public will ever see! For those who don't want to be just another drone in an hour-long commute, fitting snuggly in with the steel grey of our technological society, this case is the perfect statement of individuality. Be different, be unique… be conspicuously and resplendently beautiful!!! Featuring an 18K high polishEd White gold body set with 3,328 natural Ceylon blue sapphires with a total weight of 599cts, and an Apple logo set with 50 round brilliant diamonds weighing a total of 5 cts., The Natural Sapphire Company's iPad Mini case is the bigger, better version of their iPhone 5 case. So, during this holiday season whether one's reading the avalanche report slope side or the latest issue of Cosmo pool side, it can all be done in blinged out sapphire style!

Apple currently has 10 million units of the iPad Mini ready to ship. And with its "mini-me" size and ultra light weight, the iPad Mini will certainly be filling stockings and clutch purses this holiday season. But why stop there? With The Natural Sapphire Company's statement-making sapphire and diamond case, consumers can leave the clutch at home and make the iPad Mini their accessory of choice. So, what will be the cost of this incredible accessory, this stunning accoutrement, this lavish symbol of distinction? Just $700,000 or 3 easy installments of $233,333.33!!!

Evan Guttman, The Natural Sapphire Company's CIO said, "I love gadgets, but I love sapphires even more. When I die, this is the kind of thing I want to be buried with." Evan has already put up a tent and is currently waiting in line at our NY office to be the first to receive one.

While Mr. Guttman's tongue-in-cheek answer might elicit a few snickers, the company is serious about making everyday items chic and beautiful. The Natural Sapphire Company specializes in personalization and custom embellishments to their sapphire and diamond iPad Mini case are encouraged. Monograms, initials, and other designs are all possible. The Natural Sapphire Company's sapphire iPad Mini case is proudly made in America. Only the finest sapphires are used, and they are bought right from the source in Sri Lanka, Madagascar, Africa, and Thailand. The Natural Sapphire Company strongly emphasizes fair trade practices and ethical and environmentally sustainable mining.

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