THE COOLS Party Offline on Cyber Monday with Raekwon

THE COOLS Party Offline on Cyber Monday with Raekwon

The Cools, a social shopping site known for its offline Jamboree events, will hold a Cyber Monday Jamboree on November 26 at the Dream Downtown in New York City. The event will serve to debut 26 exclusive holiday collaboration products which will be available on the site over the coming weeks leading up to the holiday season. The 26 product installations will be celebrated with a concert by American rapper and a member of the Wu-Tang Clan, Raekwon. 

Designers and artists who have collaborated with The Cools on the 26 exclusive holiday items slated to debut at The Cools Cyber Monday Jamboree include products from Baron Von Fancy, Coco & Breezy, Degen, Dee + Ricky, Drift Studio, Eli Reed, Esque, Gianluca Fellini, Greg Mike, HBC, Italia Independent, Lacee Swan, LexDry, Luke Rathborne, MilkCrate, MiN New York, Mister Mort, Nomia, Raval + Knight, ReEd Wilson Design, Reds, Ruvan Wijesooriya x LCD Soundsystem, SLC, The Reformation, Titania Inglis, Unruly Heir, and many more. 

The New York City start-up is giving out 600 free passes to this event to individuals who register for the site. Simply visit and refer to the carousel on the landing page which consists of an RSVP for the Cyber Monday Jamboree.

About The Cools Jamboree Events

The Cools bridge the gap between culture and commerce offline with a series of  "Jamboree" events. 
The site hosts festivals of fashion, design, art, music, dancing, and food to bring The Cools' online community together offline in the spirit of old world bazaars.  The first edition of The Cools "Jamboree" was held on June 27th 2012 in New York City. The Cyber Monday Jamboree will mark The Cool's third offline event featuring curated exclusive items from select artists and designers just in time for the holiday season. 

“The offline events are a key part of The Cools,” van Themsche said during an interview with, “The nature of creatives is to engage with other creatives—I plan to make the Jamboree recurring and it will evolve into a sort of ‘curated’ cool kids’ flea market, which will pop up in New York and also in Paris, Milan, etc.”

Past Jamboree Attendees Include: 

Adam Green, Albert Hammond Jr., Alex Catarinella, Alyse Archer-Coite, Andrew Andrew, Angela Pham, Anna Sheffield, Arden Wohl, Audrey Gelman, Brook Klausing, Bubbles, Camilla Staerk, Carolyn Murphy, Casey Neistat, Celeste Greenberg, Christian Cota, Claire Courtin-Clarins, Cody Ross, Cory Kennedy, David Cook, Dree Hemmingway, Dustin Yellin, EB Sollis, Emilie Fife, Emmett Shine, Erin Fetherston, Erin Kent, Fez Randera, Fiona Byrne, Genevieve Jones, Gigi Burris, Hanne Gaby, Harif Guzman, James Boehmer, James Cruickshank, Jamie Burke, Jeanette Hayes, Jeff Dorsman, Jen Brill, Jenna Courtin-Clarins, Jill Hennessy, Johnny Abrahams, John Elkann, Johnny Misheff, Jonny Sollis, Josh Zickert, Julio Santo Domingo, Kathy Grayson, Kenza Fourati, Keven Dakinah, Kyle DeWoody, Lauren Remington Platt, Loren Kramar, Luke Rathborne, Madison McGaw, Maggie Lee, Manish Vora, Mara Meinhofer, Maren Miller, Maripol, Martin Marks, Maxwell Osborne, Michael Colgan, Michelle Siwy, Mila Dewit, Nate Lowman, Olga Rakhova, Pamela Berkovic, Pamela Melet, Paul Johnson Calderon, Peter Davis, Prisca Courtin-Clarins, Sarah White, Scott Lipps, Sean Avery, Sean Hanratty, Selima Salaun, Serge Becker, Shala Monroque, Simonez Wolf, Sophie Aschauer, Spencer Sweeny, Stefania Pia, Stephanie LaCava, Victor Glemaud, Virginie Courtin-Clarins, Waris Ahluwalia, Will Cotton and more...