Snoa Lingerie Concept Woos Men

Snoa Lingerie Concept Woos Men

Snoa Lingerie, the creator of women's sleepwear that is both warm and sexy, reports that sixty percent of its customers are men.

"Men seem to get it right off the bat," says Snoa's Founder, Anh Oppenheimer. "When women are cold, it is a huge barrier to romance. This realization is not lost on the husbands and boyfriends out there. If he can give a gift of nightwear that will keep his love warm and cozy as well as beautiful, well, then that is a win win situation."

When it comes to seduction, being cold is a wet blanket. In fact, most women will tell you that in order to feel sexy, they need to feel warm, too. But that’s nearly impossible when you’re wearing nothing more than a few scraps of silk and lace and a dental floss thong. And any man who has been foiled by a chilly evening will echo this frustration.

Snoa Lingerie is the first and only sleepwear collection that makes her feel cozy and alluring at the same time. Created to solve the age-old dilemma of he’s hot/she’s not, Snoa Lingerie fills a huge need in the luxury lingerie market by creating romantic and warm sleepwear.

Snoa Sleepwear is made from the lushest most eco-friendly fabrics available today so you can seduce while you reduce your carbon footprint.

"The solution to every man’s ultimate gift giving dilemma," says, "is Snoa Sleepwear."

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