Adds to Daily Deals Adds to Daily Deals decided to increase its daily deal feeds from many of the leading flash sale sites, including Jack Threads, Rue La La, and Haute Look. flash sales have been incredibly popular on and the experts have decided that more flash sales would help's visitors find even more great deals.

One of the top reasons this flash sales website was found to be so popular was its large variety of sales. Haut Look has many fashion and accessories flash sales for men and women as well as home flash sales. This means shoppers can dress up their homes at the same time they dress up their wardrobes.

They also have the "feather your nest, Sundays at home" sales which offer's visitors steep discounts on great home decor items they won't find anywhere else. offers these sales up alongside all of the other top home decor flash sale feeds for its users to choose from.

These sales will all be listed in's advanced categorization system by the end of the month. Users will simply need to go onto and click on the categories they want to see more of. Once they click through to a retailer, they can quickly and easily sign up to be a member. Readers of have priority over usual visitors and their applications to be members will be approved automatically.

Once signed up, visitors can come back to each day to check out the "daily deals". The daily deals section is full of the latest and greatest sales and makes it easy for shoppers to navigate all of the flash sales sites. Many users have shaved hours off of the time they have to spend shopping each week for great deals, just by using this feature.

Visitors who don't want to have to be bothered with visiting the website each day can simply sign up to's daily emails. The daily emails will send each day's best deals directly to their email inboxes. This email combines all of the feeds from the leading flash sales sites, so its best to sign up to this rather than the subscriber lists of each individual retailer.

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