Obama Watches-What they're wearing to the Inaugural Balls

Obama Watches-What they're wearing to the Inaugural Balls

Pollsters are no longer probing undecided voters. Campaign workers have gone back to their everyday lives. So why is Jack Goldenberg still in "the Obama Business?" Because, as President of Obama Watches, Obama is his business. And business has picked up to a feverish pace because of the January 21 Inaugural Balls.

Since Barack Obama first sought the Presidency, ObamaWatches.com has produced 28 Obama for President and two Obama Inaugural Watches. The watches have some political and historic significance. Three of the company's watches are in the permanent collection of the Smithsonian Institution and several of them may be in the White House. In 2008, Goldenberg handed then-candidate Obama five Obama Watches at the request of the Democratic party.

Now with the Inauguration just two weeks away, Obama Watches is about to release the 2013 Inaugural Watch. And sales have picked up briskly from customers who say they need the watch shipped right away because they're planning to attend an Inaugural Ball.

It all began rather quietly. In 2007, Goldenberg wore a single Obama for President watch he made to a friend's birthday party. "I wasn't planning to make any more," said Goldenberg. "It was just a one-man viral crusade supporting Obama's candidacy." The next day five friends contacted him asking, "Where can I get one of those Obama watches?"

So in 2008, Goldenberg started selling 5 different Obama for President Watches. They featured photos of the candidate and some carried campaign slogans like, "Yes We Can" and "Time for a Change," while others took a more comical approach, like, "Love Your Mama. Vote Obama."

Goldenberg is quick to point out that Obama Watches are not sanctioned by the President's re-election committee. Nevertheless, that's not stopping customers from ordering watches to wear to the Inauguration.

Since Inaugural watches won't go on sale until January 14, most Obama Watch customers are opting to wear the best selling 2012 Obama watch, "Barack Around the Clock" to the President's second Inauguration. The watch features the President with a Mona Lisa-like smile and the president wearing oversized sunglasses.

If the Inaugural Watches strike a chord with consumers, it won't be the first time Goldenberg has hit marketing pay dirt. He launched some of America's best selling icons, including the Happy Meal and Cabbage Patch Kids.