Nasty Gal Moves into New L.A. Home

Nasty Gal Moves into New L.A. Home

Nasty Gal is growing! The e-tailer will be moving into a massive 50,000 square ft. new office space in downtown Los Angeles. That is five times the size of its current office.

Nasty Gal's sales have been on a steady upward climb as their popularity has grown. Sales went from $6.5 million in 2010 to $28 million last year, and as much as $115 million by the end of this year. Nasty Gal also redesigned their website and debuted an in-house label this year.

Nasty Gal's website has this to say about the company:

"Who is a Nasty Gal? We like to think of her as the coolest girl in the room‚ pulling off whatever wildly unique piece that suits the mood. At Nasty Gal, we are our customer. Because of this, our job is an easy one: inspire and be inspired by cool girls the world over.

Our buyers search high and low for pieces you won't find anywhere else-be it from the Rose Bowl Flea Market or the racks at showrooms. Our shop is stocked weekly with both handpicked vintage and a highly curated selection of up-and-coming designers, giving you not just what the fashion doctor ordered, but truly unique items that can't be found elsewhere."

The name Nasty Gal was inspired by the song and album "Nasty Gal" by Betty Davis. As their website says she was, "the patron saint of badass women, was known for her unapologetically sexy funk music which comprises our vision of femininity-complete with lamé platform thigh-high boots."