L'Oréal Launches New Skin and Hair Lines

L'Oréal Launches New Skin and Hair Lines

L'Oréal Paris is starting 2013 right with the launch of a skin-care line for women over 50 and an "automatic" hair-color mousse collection.

The Age Perfect Renaissance Cellulaire range targets people whose epidermal cell renewal rate is slowing down dramatically.

L'Oréal Paris claims that with Age Perfect Renaissance Cellulaire use, four million new cells reach the skin's surface faster each day.

"Skin is reborn, replumped and resplendent," said Amandine Rassat, vice president of global marketing for skin care at L'Oréal Paris.

In order for this magic product to work, epidermal mother cells (which give rise to other cells) need to be protected and energy brought to cells to maintain their metabolic activity. To combat oxidative stress in mother cells, the new skin care products contain Natecium DHC, extracted from bitter orange peel. The new skin care line includes a day cream with an SPF 15 and a night cream.

Julianne Moore is the face of Age Perfect Renaissance Cellulaire and will launch this month in European countries.

The new hair line, Mousse Absolue, will also launch in January, with fourteen classic shades.

"[It] will redefine the way we speak, see and perceive hair color," said Rosa Carrico, vice president of global marketing for hair color at L'Oréal Paris, adding there was a time when innovation was all about complexity. "Times have changed. Today, we are in a new era where we deal with so many things. We juggle so many tasks, we process so much information that we search desperately for those products that just turn our lives a little bit simpler. Absolute simplicity is the new ultimate luxury.

"Over the past 10 years, it has been our obsession to turn hair color into a simple and pleasant experience," she continued, describing the process as traditionally complex (involving mixing a colorant with a developer in a bowl or bottle). "Today, hair color becomes as easy as one push."

With Mousse Absolue, hair color is created automatically in a perfect dosage so it's as easy to apply as a shampoo, according to Carrico. Even better, leftover product can be used for another application or root touch-up, depending on the length of one's hair, since the aerosol packaging is sealed.