Kontroversy Over Kardashian Khroma Beauty Line

Kontroversy Over Kardashian Khroma Beauty Line

The Kardashians realeased their new beauty line, Khroma. But before the line even launched, there was already controversy, I mean kontroversy.  

Michael Rey, owner of L.A.-based beauty brand called, is suing the Kardashians for stealing his name and confusing his customers.

At a launch party for Khroma last week, Khloe Kardashian was asked where the sisters came up with the name Khroma: 

"We were at SoHo House, having a meeting [with the co-creators of the line]. We were talking, going over ideas, and Kim was doodling on a paper. We were literally throwing out names ... we were saying we wanted the packaging to be metallic, chromes, we were going to do these colors, but also gold and rose gold in all of our packaging, chrome colors. We didn't know that she was so artistic!

Kim started doodling the word 'Khroma.' We were writing down all the names, and everybody left, and there was this piece of paper on the table with her doodles on it, and we took it and brought it back with us and thought 'Hmm, this could actually work as a logo.' The name, I think, all three of us decided we wanted metallics in the packaging. Chroma means 'color,' that's where the word comes from."