Kapture Comes to New York Fashion Week

Kapture Comes to New York Fashion Week

Welcome to the future of shopping!

Kapture, an advertising platform that allows brands and businesses to connect with their loyal customers through social media launched a mobile application for the iPhone, with an Android version coming soon. And now Kapture has arrived at Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week with the first ever Fashion Hackathon and The Decoded Fashion forum.

So what is Kapture? Kapture is a way for brands and businesses to leverage anyone taking a photo as a brand ambassador by offering instant rewards for the photos people take and share with their friends via social media. Rewards range from discounts to physical goods, which users can redeem instantly, save for redemption at a later date, or gift to their friends.

Since it's initial launch in November, brands like Vince Camuto, C.H.C.M Shop, Damsel in Distress, Project 159, Yumi Kim, and Duncan Quinn have all signed up.

Michael Szewczyk, President and Founder of Kapture said, "We recognized the need for a platform that turns anyone taking a picture into brand ambassadors. "

With over one billion users on Facebook, another 500 million on Twitter and other emerging social platforms still drastically growing, Kapture will continue to integrate and make changes to improve user experiences.

"With Kapture, what resonates most for me is creating a new, yet organic channel for brands and merchants to reach new and loyal customers through a very familiar behavior; photographs," stated Brian D. Martelli, Co-Founder and CEO of Kapture. "Given the growing number of photos uploaded to Facebook and Twitter on a daily basis, we believe our platform is a powerful solution for brands and merchants to maximize their reach on the social media curve."

About Kapture:

Kapture is a mobile application that instantly rewards individuals for taking and sharing photos of products and services they love with their friends via social media. Kapture turns anyone taking a photo into a brand ambassador, allowing merchants, businesses and brands to benefit from the billions of photos taken and shared monthly via social media. The Kapture platform especially empowers brands, as photos taken via Kapture are transformed into a beautiful Polaroid which prominently features the brand's logo watermarked on the photo. For sharing a Kapture moment via Twitter or Facebook, users are instantly rewarded with items ranging from discounts to physical goods - which they can redeem instantly, save for redemption at a later date, or gift to their friends.