Jewel Kade Launches in Canada

Jewel Kade Launches in Canada

Jewel Kade announced that it is officially international with its recent launch in Canada. The company's artisan jewelry and Poetry Custom Canvases are now available in British Columbia, Ontario, Prince Edward Island and Yukon.

Founded in 2008 by designer Janet Kinkade in her basement in Alpine, Utah, Jewel Kade is artful, handcrafted charms. It's artisan jewelry. It's handmade, gallery-quality Poetry Custom Canvases. It's treasured by those who celebrate life, and those who are drawn to unforgettable accessories.

Since the company transitioned from retail to Party Plan in 2009, it has gone from boutique label to premier jewelry brand. More than 3,000 Jewel Kade Stylists have built their own JK businesses sharing the company's soulful designs at in-home Parties throughout the US. And with the recent launch north of the border, Canadians can now become JK Stylists, sharing Jewel Kade's artisan beauty with customers in Canada, while earning additional income, enjoying flexibility, and advancing in leadership opportunities.

"We've had so much interest from Canadians over the years, we are thrilled to have grown to the point where we can share Jewel Kade's artisan designs in Canada," said Janet Kinkade, JK Founder, President & Designer. "When I started designing for myself and friends, I had no idea my pieces would one day be worn throughout the US and Canada. It is a true privilege to celebrate the beauty of life with people everywhere."

To see Jewel Kade's artisan jewelry and Poetry Custom Canvases and to learn more about becoming a JK Stylist in Canada, visit

Artisan jewelry. Handcrafted charms. Inspiring beauty to wear and display. Available through JK Stylists nationwide, Jewel Kade is a fresh take on timeless fashion. Founded by Designer Janet Kinkade, Jewel Kade's Signature Charms are all handcrafted in JK's Production Studios in Alpine, Utah. Jewel Kade has garnered media attention – appearing on ABC News, The Today Show, The Ellen Degeneres Show, and American Idol. (Citing media references does not imply endorsement of Jewel Kade products in any way by media, related production companies or related spokespersons/personalities.) Committed to making a difference, Jewel Kade also offers the JK Cares Collection. For every JK Cares piece purchased, 5% of the proceeds goes directly to help in the international fight against diseases that affect millions of women: breast cancer (Huntsman Cancer Institute) and heart disease (American Heart Association). For more information on Jewel Kade's inspiring story, artisan jewelry and Poetry Custom Canvases, visit in the US and in Canada.