Gallery Atlantic Releases New Urban Posh Jewelry

Gallery Atlantic Releases New Urban Posh Jewelry

Gallery Atlantic announced today that Urban Posh jewelry, known for its artistic and feminine pieces, has unveiled its newest designs.

As the latest addition to the vast collection currently offered on Gallery Atlantic, Urban Posh has been described as “a symbol of grace, gentle elegance and classic romance.” Designer and founder Jeanne Kirkland draws inspiration from her gemologist grandparents and their world-wide travels creating distinctive pieces which poise delicate gems, lustful metallics, and whimsical designs. These unique yet simple pieces have been featured in Oprah’s O Magazine, People Magazine, The Knot, Brides Magazine, Lucky Magazine, and InStyle Magazine.

Amongst the selection is the Stardust Shaker Collection which features gold accents and lively colors just in time for fall, including green onyx, aqua, royal purple, ruby fuchsia, and watermelon. The collection draws from nature’s inherent beauty and wonders of the world, from rain droplets to wondrous snow globes with stardust elements in the lower-half of each piece. The accessories are perfect for dressing up chic wardrobes and adding just the right amount of glam to dresses for any special occasion.

For the more discerning of tastes, the Urban Posh Organic Septagon Collection features classic elegance in single and double drop earrings, pendants and bracelets. These solid-colored gems stand out for their simplicity and versatility – perfect for day-to-night looks. The ideal accessory for social soirees or holiday parties, these trinkets will captivate and receive never-ending compliments.

Attention-grabbing flair and statement can be obtained with Urban Posh’s Metallic Druzy Collection. Choose from octagon and pear shaped designs in shimmering dark brown, purple, teal, and silver metallic tones. With the rise of heavy metal and cherry noir trends, these accessories bring edgy thrill to complete late-night looks for nights out on the town.

“When I got my first glimpse at Urban Posh’s new fall lines, I was stunned at the radiance and beauty of each piece. I know Jeanne has spent immense time in creating these beautiful pieces that make women feel graceful and timeless,” says Ian Manning of Gallery Atlantic.

While the holiday season quickly approaches and schedules get even more hectic, online shopping is the quickest and simplest solution for holiday shopping. And with most Urban Posh items under $100, these precious designs are practically a steal.

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