Eco-Friendly Jewelry Line MUJUS Launches New Collection

Eco-Friendly Jewelry Line MUJUS Launches New Collection
Super chic, yet environmentally conscious jewelry line Mujus launched their Spring/Summer 2013 collection.  In this collection, the designer and owner, Paola Delgado, gathered inspirations from the mountains and ruins of Peru.  Combining the contrasting colors of her home country, Paola wanted to capture the overall Peruvian design aesthetic that she has always known.  Flashbacks of her cultural heritage and childhood memories are incorporated throughout the entire collection.
Pieces range in colors from bold aquas and lime greens to sultry reds.  Each piece is hand-crafted with "vegetable ivory" from the Amazonian rainforest and often are created with interesting backstories.  For example, the "Misti" necklace was constructed with the Misti Volcano in southern Peru in mind.  The bi-color palette was based off the mesmerizing seasonally snow-capped, symmetrical cone with it's contrasting base.  Paola's Peruvian heritage is the sole driving force behind this extremely luxurious collection.
In order to stay true to the idea of being environmentally aware, all pieces are made from sustainable materials.  Even the packaging and labels are constructed from 100% recycled items.  With this eco-friendly aspect of the jewelry line, it's no surprise that these attention-grabbing statement pieces are perfect for eco-conscious celebs like Hayden Panettiere, Kristen Bell, and Natalie Portman.

Celebrity coveted jeweler, Mujus is known for their simple, yet chic designs originating from the Amazonian rainforest. The designer, Paola Delagado was born and raised in Lima, Peru. After graduating from college in Ohio, Paola moved to New York to work as a banker. Needing to fulfill her creative energy, she left New York and traveled to Peru to re-connect with her land and what it had to offer. She discovered natural resources like tagua seeds and began to create fashionable yet Eco-conscious pieces for what we know and love as Mujus.

This Eco-friendly accessories collection is both bold and daring while still remaining true to their original design aesthetic. Since remaining environmentally aware is a critical concept to the designer, the process used to create this eccentric line does no harm to the beautiful rainforest where she gathers her inspirations. Styles range from extraordinary statement necklaces to simple stud earrings, each piece is hand-crafted using re-purposed tagua seeds from the rainforest.In addition, Mujus is committed to giving back to communities in Peru and United States. This translates to creating social change for impoverished communities around Lima and designing a special collection to raise money for the fight against Lou Gehrig's disease.