Diet Coke Reveals Marc Jacobs Designed Cans

Diet Coke Reveals Marc Jacobs Designed Cans

The Marc Jacobs designed Diet Coke cans have been revealed! Jacobs was recently name the Creative Director for the beverage and said of the can's designs that they " colorful and fun."

So it's fitting that Jacobs used his signature swallow print for one of the cans telegraphing a fashion look from the Nineties. The stylized birds flit around a fashion illustration showing a model crouching in a bustier dress, stiletto heels and a tall trilby hat.

Jacobs also created cans to celebrate female empowerment in the Eighties and Aughts as Diet Coke marks a milestone anniversary in Europe called "Sparkling Together for 30 Years."

For the Eighties, a flurry of bow ties swirl around a model in a strong-shouldered tuxedo and top hat, very Broadway and razzle dazzle! The last can shows a sporty-chic look straight from the spring 2013 runway to represent the Aughts, surrounded by a shower of polka dots.

The first cans and bottles will to arrive next month in 11 European markets including the U.K., France, Benelux and Iceland. Jacobs had a hand in three cans, three bottles and three ad campaigns, each corresponding to the chosen decades in fashion.