Daily Deal 11/21/12: Margherita Missoni

Daily Deal 11/21/12: Margherita Missoni

Every morning I wake up to an inbox overloaded with special offers, deals, flash sales and hot items.  So why not let me do the work for you?  I have looked through them all to pick the deal you just can't miss!  Whether it's an on trend item, a fantastic sale or a classic staple piece, rest assured I will give you the daily deal worth buying.

This isn't exactly a "budget friendly" deal.  However, it is a chance to own a piece of history.  Missoni history.

Margherita Missoni has opened up her world and her wardrobe to yoox.com giving Missoni fans the opportunity to buy from her private archive.  Proceeds from the yoox.com sale will go to the charity OrphanAid Africa - which means you will not only snag a vintage Missoni piece, but you will be doing some good.  

To shop the whole collection visit yoox.com.

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