Better Than the Next Little Black Dress


The little black dress - yea, we all have one. Some of us haven't even taken the tag off of yet. But, how about a black tee shirt? I have one...or three...or half a dozen. If you don't, swipe one from your brother, boyfriend or husband, because it is a wardrobe staple. OK, now that we all have one (or a few) let's find new ways to style that basic tee shirt - we can definitely talk about that little black dress another time.

Some tips on getting creative with your black t-shirt:

Instead of just throwing on your trusty old blue jeans - opt for those black jeans you bought and black boots (if you don't have a pair - major fashion faux pas, so get buy some). Now pair it with a jacket - preferably leather - and you are set for a night out with the girls, or your main squeeze. Option to take this outfit up another notch? Dare to wear some funky patterned or metallic skinny jeans.

Another trick? Layering! I know I have more than a few long sleeved black tee shirts. They are a better quality than your basic tee shirt, so they get hung in my closet, not thrown in the drawer. One of my favorite things to do is to layer one under a short sleeve or tank dress unexpectedly. Pair that with tights and slouchy boots and you have just made that dress season-less! This is also a great way to stretch your wardrobe by adding the new color of the season in an affordable way while you experiment to see what works for you. Whether it is rich jewel tones or soft pastel shades, you can add tees that are the color of the rainbow. But colors will come in future articles - today it is about that great comfy lack tee - long sleeve or short.

Over the weekend is another time to throw on that black tee. Add a bold statement necklace or a great color scarf to add texture and dimension. You will be amazed what a dash of color near you face can do. And if you are like some of us and don't want to wear makeup on the weekend, but feel naked without anything on....make sure you ALWAYS wear your sunscreen, add a little lip color that picks up a color in your scarf, some mascara and you are ready for anything!

So, you think you have nothing to wear? Think that closet and get going......whether it is a tee from the mall, or one from your local main street merchant ( it's always great to support our small local shop owners!) , long sleeve or short, black is back and can make you shine.

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Maryellen Kernaghan Twenty-eight years experience as a Professional Model, Director and Producer in the Performing Arts. Produced and directed new works, held national casting calls for models and actors, negotiated contracts and collaborated with artists to build dynamic team-oriented events in theatre, dance and fashion. Maryellen has personally worked as a full figured fashion and runway model and is a renowned 'fit' model who has worked with labels found on clothing racks in stores nationwide. She also has experience conducting national programs on cultural diversity and self esteem for young people which include modeling workshops for young men and women and has worked as a judge for regional and national modeling and performing arts competition. Maryellen also serves the not-for-profit community as the Artistic Director of ArtsCare,( and is an advocate for implementing health and wellness programming in schools, community centers, senior centers and alternative spaces. Maryellen has also been responsible for the fiscal management, social media awareness, creative production and artistic management of companies, projects, runway shows and other fashion events nationwide.