All American Clothing Co. Expands Ladies Jean Line

All American Clothing Co. Expands Ladies Jean Line

The All American Clothing Co. has announced three new styles of ladies jeans. The new jeans were designed based on the results of a study the All American Clothing Co. conducted with a women`s focus group. Women were surveyed with many questions about their jean preferences within the group. Topics ranged from jean designs, to fitting, and pricing. The company also conducted a nationwide survey that gathered the interests and hobbies of their customers. Based on results from these two studies, the USA made clothing company was able to both design three styles of ladies jeans and a plan for marketing to their customer`s interests.

The All American Clothing Co. truly wanted to illustrate that beauty comes in all shapes and sizes. With this thought in mind, the All American Clothing Co. designed three different jeans for different body types. There is an interactive fitting guide online where shoppers can match their body type with a specific pair of American made jeans. By applying a sizing system for all body types, the All American Clothing Co. hopes to give women of all shapes and sizes the beauty, comfort, and confidence they deserve.

New! The All American Clothing Co. Interactive Fitting Guide.

The All American Clothing is one of the few and first jean manufacturers in the world who can offer proof of being USA made. One way the company provides USA proof is by offering their Traceability Technology. Traceability Technology is designed to track every process involved in manufacturing of their USA made jeans. The system ultimately allows shoppers to trace their jean back to the American farmer who grew the cotton. The American made clothing company also insists upon a standard of meeting / exceeding the requirements of the FTC Act. In addition to this, they contract with a third party, Made in USA Certified who investigates and certifies compliance with the Federal Trade Commission requirements.

About All American Clothing Co:

All American Clothing is a made in America success story in today's economy. The entire company supports a "USA made passion" as they strive to foster loyalty among customers. All American Clothing Co. is proof that small business can grow and succeed in America today.To find out more about the passion and effort it takes to build a business in today's economy go to and read the tab "Our Story."