BIO: Hi I'm Jon Reep. Comedian, Actor, & Metro Jethro. What is a Metro Jethro? Click on the Metro Jethro tab to find out. I was born and raised in Hickory, NC. Which was the furniture capitol of the world ... (read more...)

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9/18 @ 6:18 PM
JonReep - Haha. Yes. Although I think we should be allowed to see other people
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9/18 @ 6:14 PM
JonReep - I'll play. But I'm basing this on comedians I've actually seen live. @BrianReganComic , @DaveChappelle , & Rodney C…
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9/18 @ 6:00 PM
JonReep - Yeah buddy. I'll be there, I always schedule my charlotte gigs around a panthers night game. Being a ginger and all
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