Jersey Fresh Comedy to Perform at Bridge Street Live, 6/20

Jersey Fresh Comedy to Perform at Bridge Street Live, 6/20

Three of the "Garden State's" favorite comics are coming to CT...and soon, they'll be 3 of your favorites as well!

Mike Gaffney realized early as a kid on the streets of Jersey City, NJ that he wasn't a tough guy so he needed to make friends quickly. He began to use what he knew best, humor, as a defense and social weapon (he has always had a knack for making friends, family and strangers laugh). At the age of 32, after spending his twenty's recovering from addiction and having kids, Mike took his humor to the stage with stellar reviews. With an impeccable sense of timing, a voice that makes you want to listen to him all night and a delivery that turns the mundane hysterical - Mike tells stories like no one else and no one he knows is safe from being the subject of his tales. Mike has found a way to always be funny while rarely being offensive, which is refreshing in these bleak times. You can catch Mike on the 2014 season of "Last Comic Standing" as well as "AXS Gotham Live". His act is also constantly on display at all of NYC's top comedy clubs and he is also a favorite at clubs and colleges around the country.

A baby boomer that has decided it is important to use the stage as an educational tool to warn us about impending disasters. No, not global warming or out of control speeding asteroids hurtling towards the Earth. Not even the Economic crisis we and our country now face. But about the dangers of raising a family, hospital visits, being a dog owner, traveling or doing anything else that the world might consider normal, Ted has a slightly different view. Because he is too cheap to spend $125.00 an hour to tell his problems to a psychologist, he will tell them to you. If it bothers you a little bit, chances are it bothers Ted...a lot and you are going to hear about it. He's able to get away with this ranting because he is a nice guy...a nice guy with a lot of problems. Offstage he does a great job of appearing normal, after listening to him for awhile you realize, he is just as nuts as everyone else.

Ted has recently opened for SNL's Jim Breuer, 30 Rock's Tracey Morgan and Rhyss Darby from HBO's "Flight of the Conchords" and Jim Carey's "Yes Man" and regularly opens for the Legendary, Bobby Collins. His ability to work clean or edgy makes it easy for him to be on almost any show in any venue. He is a regular at The Riviera Hotel and Casino in Las Vegas yet works many Church and school comedy fundraisers. He is working his way back to heaven, "one church basement at a time".

Joe is one of the new rising young comics coming out of the East Coast. A lifelong New Jersey-ite, Joe is a favorite at clubs, colleges & conventions in the tri-state area and beyond. He was recently selected to perform at the 2008 New York Underground Comedy Festival's Emerging Comics Showcase. With his laid back style he brings a hilarious look into his struggles with addictions, relationships, family, friendships, the world and himself that any audience can relate to.

Comedy is just a slice of his life. An award winning filmmaker and TV Producer, Joe has been bringing his creative visions to the public for the past 10 years. His short films have been featured on ABC, and won awards at the NJ Film Festival, Garden State Film Festival as well as festivals across the nation.


Show Date: Friday, June 20, 2014 ; 8:00 PM; Admission $15, $25