Comic Conan O'Brien is Off to the Races

Late night comic, Conan O'Brien, took over for veteran caller, Trevor Denman, to announce the race in Santa Anita on Friday. It was reported that O'Brien didn't have to pronounce any tongue twisters and smoothly handled the favorite's name, Sarangani.

He says, "I'm seeing a bunch of horses following Blue Collar Boy. All horses look alike when you're not around horses a lot."

He described the starting gate as "the white thing."

Later, he told the crowd, "I'm not seeing too well because my eyelashes are up against the binoculars and it's blocking my view."

O'Brien was confused and even called the jockeys' silks "costumes," saying, "If you're going to have idiot celebrities come in and call a race, you can't have two guys in all blue and two guys in all white. It's not fair."

During the race he said, "The jockeys' bottoms are in the air, which is the way that jockeys ride horses. Bottoms high, that's the way to go, boys."

The bit will air later on his late show.