Comedian Gerald Kelly Launches 'Microphones Up, Guns Down' Conflict Resolution Campaign

Comedian Gerald Kelly Launches 'Microphones Up, Guns Down' Conflict Resolution Campaign

Comedian Gerald Kelly Launches 'Microphones Up, Guns Down' Conflict Resolution Campaign

Microphones Up, Guns Down is a conflict resolution initiative and creative arts movement designed to teach children how to positively express themselves in the midst of adversity. Founded by actor, comedian, Gerald Kelly; the mission is to engage children with the art of performing; fueling them with the positive energy, confidence and the tools that encourage creativity and discourage gun violence.

Igniting the gifts and abilities that one already has deep inside of them, this initiative will be used to help young people to:

  • Recognize their interests and harness their natural talents and capabilities
  • Bring out those abilities and enhance them with the confidence and skill it takes to be successful in pursuing their dreams.
  • Equip them with the conflict resolution tools they need to be successful in the face of adversity

By using a microphone as their tool to stand up and be heard, they will not ever look to pick up a gun or other harmful weapon to express themselves. Teaching young people how to stay positive and giving them the proper tools to use, can help resolve issues or conflicts before they take a negative turn.

Most times, in a society children are often seen, but not heard. The microphone, which represents that of a leader or commander, gives them that voice to be heard. We want to encourage young people by helping them to achieve their dreams of becoming a Comedian, Singer, Rapper, Poet, Politician, Motivational Speaker or anything else that they want to become in life.

The Microphones Up, Guns Down Initiative plans to motivate young people to stand up, stand out and get moving in the right direction and that's what we're all about. Our goal is to keep our young people from going down the wrong paths in life and show them how to pursue their dreams, staying on the straight and narrow road to success!

Here's how we plan to do it:

  • Host seminars or event and teach workshop(s) in the Arts of Comedy, Poetry & Music using local and national artists, poets and comedian volunteers as motivational speakers and facilitators of each
    • Workshops
      • Workshop will be geared towards that specific need in the community.
    • Events
      • Microphones Up, Guns Down Comedy Tour
        • Each child that completes the workshop will get the opportunity to perform in that city as part of the Grand Finale: Microphones Up, Guns Down Comedy Tour consisting of a comedy show, musical concert and poetry slam.

For more information on this initiative and bringing this program to your city, please contact LaMara Hunter, Project Coordinator for Microphones Up, Guns Down at 904-402-5515.