BWW Review: Don Rickles Keeps the Laughs Coming at Potawatomi Casino

BWW Review: Don Rickles Keeps the Laughs Coming at Potawatomi Casino

BWW Review: Don Rickles Keeps the Laughs Coming at Potawatomi Casino

Don Rickles, also known as "Mr. Warmth," is praised as one of the funniest comedians to ever walk this earth, and at the ripe age of 90, this legend is still going strong despite not being able to walk due to an unfortunate case of necrotizing fasciitis. Playing 2 nights at the Potawatomi Casino & Hotel, the house seemed pretty full for his second and last show.

Last time, I saw Rickles was 3 years ago and I was lucky enough to be brought onstage with him for a "Japanese Soldier" act. He was able to walk and had a female singer opening for him. This time around it was a little different but very creative. The evening started off with his amazing big band doing a medley of different songs attributed to Rickles. He then showed a vast array of video segments of various appearances including former President Reagan's party, The Johnny Carson Show, The Late Show with David Letterman and many more.

At age 90, I have to tell you, the man is still sharp as a rock and still funnier than ever. He ripped on a lot of people in the audience as he usually does and is known for. He picked on race, nationality, marriage but with the utmost respect at the same time. You have to remember, with Mr. Warmth, it's an honor if he insults you! But I have to share with you this experience of a lifetime.....

As he was trolling around the room from his center stage chair, he looked at me and asked my name. He then said, "Kevin, come here." As I ran up the stage and stooped down to Rickles' level, he asked what I did for a living and proceeded to rip on me. I had to hit myself to believe this was really happening. I grew up watching and listening to Don Rickles. He is one of my idols and helped shape me into the person I am today, so this was truly an honor.

He then called up another guy to join me and him in a "Japanese Soldier" skit that had us cracking up. As we shook his hand and walked offstage, he thanked us both and says he has a lot of respect for us both and proceeded to give us a signature bottle of his champagne. Ok, enough fanboying, back to the show.

Throughout the show, along with the videos, insults and stories, Rickles broke into song with songs like "I'm a Nice Guy," "Yankee Doodle Dandy," and a few others. He shared stories of his good friend Bob Newhart, his close relationship with Frank Sinatra and many other legends of our time.

Don Rickles is an overall class act, and at the age of 90 I highly suggest you see him now when you can! Mr. Warmth felt at home tonight, and he sent us all home with a laugh and a smile on our faces.


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