Mary McCartney, Daughter of Paul and Linda, Releases Vegetarian Cookbook, FOOD

Mary McCartney, Daughter of Paul and Linda, Releases Vegetarian Cookbook, FOOD

Mary McCartney, daughter of Paul and Linda, has released a new vegetarian cookbook celebrating the simplicity of the home-cooked meals with the similarly simply named "Food."
With Food, photographer Mary McCartney brings us easy, family-friendly meat-free dishes that will appeal to everyone-including carnivores. And they're all presented in gorgeous pictures taken by Mary herself, along with personal stories and photos old and new.

Inspired by her mother's recipes, McCartney has whipped up creative, comforting, uncomplicated, and delicious meals that will encourage home cooks to think vegetarian. They range from savory Asparagus Summer Tart and a no-meat Shepherd's Pie to family favorites, including Lemon Drizzle Cake and Arty's Chocolate Chip Cookies. This is good, wholesome fare, cooked well and with ease, meant for family and friends to share. And Mary's unique bold and beautifully illuminated images are as irresistible as her food.
Mary McCartney grew up with a love for vegetarian cooking, worked with her mother on a series of vegetarian cookbooks, and is a consultant for Linda McCartney Foods (, a British brand that specializes in meat-free dishes. An acclaimed photographer, Mary has exhibited all over the world and her first solo photography book, From Where I Stand, was published in 2010.Visit her online at
Reviews include:

"A simple book of gorgeous, tasty treats."-Jamie Oliver

"Professional photographer McCartney, daughter of Paul and Linda, offers readers an intimate portrait of the uncomplicated meals she serves her family and friends. Her bright photographs of landscapes, family members, ingredients, and finished dishes accompany comforting vegetarian recipes for Breakfast Pancakes, Lightning Lentil Soup, Shepherd's Pie, Creamy Chocolate Mousse, and more. These recipes aren't meant to impress or instruct; they are honest, home-cooked favorites for everyday occasions. VERDICT: This celebrity cookbook, which features attractively packaged easy recipes, would be a thoughtful gift for novice cooks." -Library Journal

"Mary McCartney welcomes readers into the world of vegetarian cooking without limiting herself within strict parameters... recipes combine traditional food items with contemporary ingredients. What make McCartney's simple items so pleasurable are the chatty family-memory prefaces for each dish and...breathtaking color collages of food and people and places." -Booklist

"[A] feast for the eyes as well as the appetite since its author, Mary McCartney, is a professional photographer and interlards her recipes and occasional text with beautiful photographs of ingredients and finished dishes. She avoids the over-sumptuous 'posed' designs that so often appear in food magazines and favors instead a natural, spontaneous approach . . . One is reminded that the attractive color in the food we eat comes straight from ingredients grown in gardens, orchards and vineyards, not netted at sea or butchered ashore." -Wall Street Journal