Eternal Lightness Releases 'I Woman Unveiled - My Truth is Genderless My Name is Eternal'

Eternal Lightness Releases 'I Woman Unveiled - My Truth is Genderless My Name is Eternal'

Khaleda Najeem Sallade is an Afghan American who grew up in Afghanistan and Rochester, NY. She currently lives in Pittsford, NY, with her husband and two beautiful children. She is the founder of Eternal Lightness LLC which offers spiritual coaching.

"I woman Unveiled" is an inspirational story of awakening to one's true nature. The message of the book is, "I know myself through my stories." Khaleda believes that we all journey through life in search of love, even when we operate with lack of it, because our will to choose is given to us out of unconditional love by that force that moves us. This is just the paradoxical nature of our journeys, as all things will ultimately converge toward Love. With this belief, she shares how all her life experiences converged to her finding her own love - her true nature.

She writes from the heart. The book provides the reader a roadmap to his or her own inner healing and truth. Her message of humility and Love will touch the heart of every reader, regardless of gender, race, culture and place of origin, because she speaks through the voice of her soul as the observer and creator of her stories. She takes the reader through a moving and intimate journey of her event-filled life beginning with her childhood in a dangerous and violent Afghanistan, escaping into Pakistan and ultimately arriving in the U.S. as a political refugee. She shares her healing journey as she fought to hold onto her life during a very long, intense 'Dark Night of the Soul' initiated by a massive nervous breakdown, which ultimately led to the insight that she had chosen this life path and all of its trauma and hardship, in order to know her unique divine nature and purpose.

Khaleda describes the message of her book:
"In 'I Woman Unveiled', the 'I' is that higher self creating my stories. I chose to be a woman born in Afghanistan, where women have no voice and don't feel loved. This was so I could overcome the blocks of self-doubt and self-rejection in order to remember that I am not these stories and that I am worthy of love. In this physical world, operating as Khaleda, I have many responsibilities. I am able to serve in alignment with my true purpose when I allow the flow of love to guide my actions. Hence, I co-create in unison with that one force that is ever evolving."

Through storytelling, Khaleda shares her own views and approaches to self knowledge. She offers her own self discovery as she reviews her life through a multidimensional lens. She explains what she means by this in her introduction, followed by her own stories, as a gift to those in search of that truth within.

The book has sold copies in the US and Europe, through Amazon, B&N, and iTunes. The distribution through Ingram and Baker and Taylor will be available soon.

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