Adam R. Burnett & Sarah Graalman Bring FOR LOINS & ROOTS to Dixon Place, 2/14

Adam R. Burnett & Sarah Graalman Bring FOR LOINS & ROOTS to Dixon Place, 2/14

Playwright Adam R. Burnett (Buran Theatre) and storyteller Sarah Graalman (Destructo Snack, USA) will premiere their new work FOR LOINS & ROOTS at Dixon Place on February 14 th at 7:30 pm, with the music styling of performer Xavier Rice (Mamma Rice & Friends) and pianist/composer Marshall Keating.

Why do we tell stories? Do stories only result from non-linear events? Or are we much more capable of manipulating our circumstances for the sake of a story? Does everyone's story really need to be heard? And on public radio? Is this all NPR's fault?

In 2008 Adam and Sarah took two very different journeys of self-discovery: Adam traveled to Amsterdam, intent on finishing out his youth properly only to be demoralized by the sex industry; Sarah retraced her great-grandmother's century-old trek to Budapest in earnest, curious about the effects of following an ancestor's ghost.

Adam and Sarah engage the travel narrative to deconstruct (destroy) the elements of storytelling and reveal the transcendence (transgression) that arrives from leaving home for a far away place. With two distinctly dissimilar tales, the evening will find them confronting one another to tell their stories as straight (slant) as possible. Singer and performer Xavier Rice (Mamma Rice) will host with a banquet of Valetine's Day numbers, egging Adam and Sarah on.

Tickets are $12-$15 and can be purchased at or by calling 212. 219.0736.