Weekend of Musical and Theatrical Celebrations to Accompany Thatcher Memorial Statue Reveal

Weekend of Musical and Theatrical Celebrations to Accompany Thatcher Memorial Statue RevealThe unveiling of a Memorial Statue to the late Baroness Thatcher is to be accompanied by a weekend of musical and theatre celebrations.

The statue, designed by journalist, poet and sculptor Cynthia Fielding is to take pride of place in Grantham, the birthplace of Lady Thatcher. The statue will be erected at the centre of Grantham, the birthplace of Margaret Thatcher. It is to be 12 feet tall in order to symbolise the majesty of Lady Thatcher. The cannons symbolise her abilities as a war leader and also can be used to deter pigeons and other birds from roosting on the statue. Around the base a poem will be enscribed. The statue shall be unveiled along with a weekend celebration of the life of our greatest Prime Minister.

It is supported by members across the political spectrum including journalists Toby Young and Alex Hern and MP Eric Pickles, although Peter Hitchens expressed objection claiming to be "not thatcherite".

Work is expected to commence immediately.

Lady Thatcher Memorial Poem

I honor Baroness Thatcher
as one of the great Prime Ministers of my lifetime
She led Great Britain through many strong changes
that served to open up employment opportunities
and shored up Great Britain as a truly Great nation

Lady Thatcher was the leader
who turned around Great Britain
as well as her U.S. contemporary
Ronald Reagan did for us

She was part of the team
that led to the end of the Cold War
and greatness for both our nations
It is terribly sad that the current leadership
of both nations feel that freedoms
to make your own way in the world
is not proper

The leaders of both nations believe
that nothing good comes to an individual
that does not come from government
God Bless Lady Thatcher

It's just a shame that there wasn't
a flyby of Spitfires and others
That should have happened.
They should have flown over
every City and Town in the UK
as a mark of respect.

I was personally affected
by the poll tax in a negative way
but I recognised that Baroness Thatcher
was working for the greater good
and I supported it

The phrase I will always remember is
'Socialism works until you run out
of spending other people's money'.

It was true then.
It's true now.
It'll be true forever.
God bless you Margaret.
You were a godsend.

My respects and condolences to her family
May God Bless the family and friends of former Prime Minister Baroness Margaret Thatcher
Dear Ma'am, may you rest in peace eternal
now reunited with your husband, Denis