Speed Painter, Robert Channing, Impresses Howard Stern with Portrait Painted in Seconds

Speed Painter, Robert Channing, Impresses Howard Stern with Portrait Painted in Seconds

ROME, N.Y., July 30, 2014 /PRNewswire/ Howard Stern shocks listenerswith his racy humor. But it was an artist's paintbrushnothisprofanitythat recently shocked the shock jock.

In justa matter of seconds, speed painter Robert Channing stunned Stern with a dazzling portrait of the radio and TV star.Channing received a prolongedstanding ovation onNBC's"America's Got Talent" for speed-painting agiantportrait of Stern. The portraitappearedlike magic from Channing'srapid-firepaint strokes anda handful of gold dusthetossed onto hiscanvas.

Channingmorethanpassed the audition. He received unanimous "thumbs up" from Stern,and the other talent judgeson the show:HowieMandel, Heidi Klum, and Mel Bwho shouted "Wow! Wow! Wow! Why didn't you paintme?"

Channingappears to belaughing all the way to the bank.

Famed media expert Michael Levine, calls Robert Channing "a dazzling and unique talent." Levine, who worked with Michael Jackson and OzzyOsbourne at the height of their fame,says that Channing is "a star. He'sa shoe-in to win the competitionif the producers of "America's Got Talent"actuallyknow what they're doing."

Channing'spaintings are not found in exhibits or museums. He creates his art in front ofcorporate, charity, college and theatreaudiences at liveevents. Companies like ReMax Realtors in San Francisco, where Channing is appearing next week with Steven Tyler,are paying top dollar to showcase Channing's art at theirannual convention.

Thespeed-painter's dates are filling up nearly as fast as his paintings.Applemeeting planner Beth Martin, asked Channing to paint a portrait of her company'sVP of Sales. She says, "Our sales people were thrilled to see Robert createart right in front of our eyes!"Channing says, "It's quite a thrill when you have 500 employees stunned when they see theirtop brass orCEO become a work of art. And theCEO is usually happiest of all."

Although he is booked up traveling across North America and around the world with his "imagination-into-art" appearances, Channing loves to perform nearhis home in Central New York.He recently collected a glorious review from UpstateLive.com Magazine (http://upstatelive.com/2014/07/16/americas-got-talent-breakout-star-awes-amazes-central-new-yorkers/). He will bring his full program of speed painting, mind reading, and inspirationto theStanley Center for the Performing Arton Saturday, November 15 th(http://www.thestanley.org/events)

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Speed Painter, Robert Channing, Impresses Howard Stern with Portrait Painted in Seconds