Public Art for Broward County's Greenways Is Complete

Public Art for Broward County's Greenways Is Complete

BROWARD COUNTY, Fla. -- Broward Cultural Division's Public Art & Design (PAD) Program has completed the artwork for two County Greenways along the New River Canal and the Cypress Creek Canal. Greenways is a connectivity concept; a countywide network of safe, clean, bicycle and equestrian paths, nature trails and waterways.

Through the Public Art & Design Program, artists James Adamson and Steven Badanes, d/b/a Jersey Devil Design Build Group, were commissioned to design and install the amenities to connect each neighborhood, from the Everglades to the Atlantic Ocean to conservation lands, parks and recreation facilities, cultural and historic sites, schools and business areas.

Jersey Devil designed benches with canopies placed approximately every half mile along the east west corridor of the County creating a network of bike paths. The artists also designed a broad range of amenities such as shelters, shade canopies, seats, trash receptacles, bicycle racks, "splitter islands" and "logo markers" along the trailways. "It was a local collaborative effort, working with designers throughout Broward County on each of the independent elements," says Broward Cultural Division Director Earl Bosworth. "A community effort for a community project."

The 'splitter islands' are constructed to slow down foot/bike traffic when approaching a major road and consist of a circle of ceramic tiles depicting a stylized school of Pompano fish. The "logo markers" are installed at each bench location and depict a specific local plant associated with the particular Greenway: Leather Fern for the Cypress Creek Canal and Coco Plum for the New River Canal. These images have also been incorporated into the signage of each Greenway. The system will provide opportunities for restoration and enhancement of native vegetation and wildlife habitat, and alternative modes of transportation.

Originating in 1976, Broward County's Public Art & Design Program aims to reflect a dedication to enhancing architecture and urban spaces through the ideas and creations of artists. A dedicated source of funding is managed through the guidance of the Public Art & Design committee, an advisory to the Broward Cultural Council. The funds are distributed to art (70 percent), project support (15 percent) and long-term conservation (15 percent). Major projects occur at airports, ports, roadways, libraries, parks and other County buildings. Today more than 262 artworks are installed at 100 locations.

Visit the Public Art & Design Tour on the Cultural Division's website to see the full collection of Broward County Public Art and other artists who have exhibited in the Lee Wagener Art Gallery.

About the Broward Cultural Division - Broward Cultural Division is a local arts agency, one of thousands across the U.S. providing financial, technical and marketing assistance to artists and arts organizations. Broward County has more than 1.8 million residents, 13.4 million visitors, 10,000 artists, 6,523 arts-related businesses employing 23,497 people, 823 not-for-profit cultural organizations and 31 cities, some of which operate their own arts councils and public art programs. For more information about the Broward Cultural Division, call 954-357-7457.

Pictured: Greenways; Artist James Adamson & S. Badanes with the collaboration of B. Cullin from Key Largo Canvas and B. Kaminstein Pottery.