Portland's White Gallery Presents THEM BRAINWASH DAYS, THOSE HEARTACHE NIGHTS, 8/2-29

Them Brainwash Days, Those Heartache Nights by Evan La Londe exhibits at White Gallery August 2-29, 2012, with an opening reception set for August 2, 2012, from 5 to 8pm. White Gallery is located at PSU Smith Hall, Second Floor, 1825 SW Broadway, Portland, OR.

There’s a restlessness now, it comes from not knowing. Yet not knowing lets you dream, for better or worse. Maybe that’s the charm of the transitory, the provisional; it doesn’t require any sort of commitment, you move on. Because you aren’t pinned down, you can resist any sort of routine and find more space for dreaming. I suppose it’s a way to be present.

But where’s the order, the certainty? George Spencer Brown, a brilliant mathematician and philosopher who pioneered The Laws of Form, once wrote that while looking at a picture plane: the moment a frame is noticed, it’s also crossed. Without oversimplifying this, or summarizing his thinking here, let’s just say he was looking for some truth and found it, or what he believed it to be.

These images are full of ghosts, things I cannot name. Shadows reach back to the objects that threw them, but also to something else. The thing is, these shadows didn’t come from light; they’re painted, so they aren’t illuminations in the usual sense. Maybe they’re more like reflections, like moonlight. I discover them as I stumble through the dark.<

Evan La Londe is an artist working and living in Portland, Oregon. He holds an MFA from Portland State University, and a BFA from the Maryland Institute College of Art. He co-directEd Gallery 2219, an independent exhibition space in Baltimore from 2008-2010. His work has been exhibited at Los Angeles Contemporary Exhibitions; Los Angeles, Swell Gallery, San Francisco; Place Gallery, Portland; and School 33; Baltimore, among others.

The Littman and White Galleries are student-run exhibition spaces at Portland State University. Our mission is to provide the tools for a critical experience of visual culture through direct exposure to a comprehensive program of contemporary art for students and community members. We envision the Littman and White Galleries as centers for cultural enrichment where an indispensable art experience is accessible to all perspectives and levels of education.