Leo Rabkin's 'A 54 Year Survey' to Display at Luise Ross Gallery, May 10


Leo Rabkin "A 54 Year Survey" will be displayed at the Luise Ross Gallery in New York City, May 10 through June 22, with a reception on Saturday, May 12 from 3-5pm.  For more information, visit:  www.luiserossgallery.com.

“I avoid labels so that I can enjoy the luxury of diversification,” Leo Rabkin has proclaimed over the course of his career. We see in his current exhibition, A 54 Year Survey, sculpture, works on paper, and collage used in unexpected ways. Flocking, glued multicolored plastics, strung string, and plaster armature, are assembled playfully and inventively.

While defying specific categorization, Rabkin has paid homage to many movements over his decades-long career. The consistent thread through Rabkin’s oeuvre is his artistic experimentation, both meditative and inventive. A tension exists that is both implied and actual.