LA's Obsolete Opens Amanda Demme Photography Exhibition Today

Today, May 4th, Obsolete will present the inaugural show by photographer Amanda Demme. Reminiscent of portrait painting sitting sessions, Amanda Demme shoots her subjects in her Atwater studio.

The individuals photographed range from family, friends, to strangers chosen off the street. The process of each portrait is a lengthy session which draws on Demme's love for all things "old" -- nostalgic images and objects collected personally by her over the years have become both her inspiration and artistic means. Upon entering her studio, which is almost hermetic but with the energy of a mad scientist lab, each subject is styled with careful consideration by Demme. Often the best images occur spontaneously -- inspired by a moment, a shape, a color, or a movement from the person she is sitting with or observing.

The finished portraits allow us to feel as if we are looking in from afar, experiencing a quiet, intimate moment from a time passed. Subjects who embody regret, isolation, abandonment, indifference, defeat -- all of them strangely proud -- these are the "momentary reincarnations" of Demme, herself. Demme's series of portraits are created with archival ink on canvas in small editions.

The Los Angeles exhibition marks the debut of "Work." Amanda Demme has had a career in the arts and creative connoisseurship for over three decades.

An opening artist reception will be held on: today, May 4, 2013 from 6 PM to 8 PM at Obsolete Gallery. For more information on Amanda Demme visit:

Obsolete Gallery is located at 222 Main Street, Venice, CA. 90291. Call 310-559-9156 or visit for more about the exhibition.