John Evans & Todd Kenyon Included in THEM PRETTY PAINTINGS Exhibit

John Evans & Todd Kenyon Included in THEM PRETTY PAINTINGS Exhibit

The summer group show has entered its last month, just in time for Todd Kenyon's two new paintings. Kenyon specializes in big canvases of beach and sky. The surf never looked so good as in Ocean Road Beach Bridgehampton by Kenyon.

Kenyon was recently added to their roster of artist and these large pieces are well priced for early collectors. Please Contact the gallery for more information.

John Evans is an elite painter. He organizes the elements of a composition through a varied use of line and shape in dynamic revelry. All the while, his ability to touch on classicism reminds us why he has been collected by institutions such as the Museum Fine Art Boston. These are bold paintings that we want to live with.

Evans has several pieces now exhibiting in the current group show and he is working towards a solo show in March 2015. The below painting strikes an almost perfect balance of forms, color and space.

The works exhibited in this summer group show comprise a wide diversity of styles and subject matter but are focused on painting. These artists stand out for their imagination and distinctive personal approach. All reflect Gallery Henoch's commitment to an art based on individual, subjective style and sensibility.

THEM PRETTY PAINTINGS is curated by Sheryl Liebman Fisher and Andrew Liss. As the title might imply, it is an intentionally light-hearted exhibition that originates from a review of artists with wide ranging views of what comprises "beauty". Often a delicate subject, the concept of beauty might best relate to a perceptual experience that conveys pleasure. The vision of what makes up a harmonious picture, from Robert Jackson's humorous subject matter to the fine brushwork of Steve Mills, has a wide range. Not every piece is made for straight forward eye-candy; there are elegant paintings that suggest a sinister twist such as Eric Wert's THE HUNT, depicting a toppled bouquet, or Lucong's KARLEE, an ingénue harboring a nebulous psychological state. There are also the paintings by John Evans, whose botanic garden abstractions are eloquent dissertations on late modernism and revel in an artist's search for balance, space and light through painting.

The exhibition is intended to reflect a collection of work that together is visually irresistible.

The exhibition includes works by over twenty painters: Olga Antonova, Chris Armstrong, John Evans, Gary Ruddell, Eric Zener, David Kassan, Lucong, Steve Smulka, Steve Mills, Todd Lanam, Todd Kenyon, Janet Rickus, Max Ferguson, Patricia Traub, Richard Combes, Vincent Giarrano, Susan Goldsmith, Alexandra Pacula, Sharon Sprung, Robert Jackson, Eric Wert, Stephen Wright, and Daniel E. Greene.

Photo credit: Gallery Henoch (pictured: John Evans, I Am There Not There, Oil on Canvas, 60" x 72")