Delavski dom Trbovlje Presents SPECULUM ARTIUM 2013 Festival, Oct 10-12

Delavski dom Trbovlje Presents SPECULUM ARTIUM 2013 Festival, Oct 10-12

The culture centre Delavski dom Trbovlje ( is producing a programme dealing with new media culture named »Trbovlje the new media setting«. As a part of that programme, Delavski dom Trbovlje is organizing an international festival Speculum artium ( where art and science meet. This year's festival will concentrate on robotics in the modern society.

Art, science and philosophy represent the cohesive elements to the understanding of the human genesis, as they - in synthesis - found a new culture of our species. To see, think, justify, and be informed, do not represent only the qualities of the physical relation to the world, but they reach into the field of metaphysical and psychological. They complement the picture and the thought of self-awareness. Productional perception in the field of contemporary visual artistic practices includes into the term also socio-scientific researches on the situation in the field of existential problematics of a human being as a unit. The speed of the changes generated and dictated to us by the technological development of digital and virtual components inevitably affects also the socio-economic politics within the principle of globalization. At the first, the chaotic development of consumer culture and the new-media society seems unstoppable. All these tours and detours of the evolution of our civilization are also marked by the production of the visual works, presented at the Speculum Artium 2013 Festival. (

The topics of the current festival edition will problematize anthropomorphic robotics. Nowadays, robots represent one of the most complex technical achievements of the humankind. It is the paradigm of how to adjust the world to our own measures, found already established throughout the entire history of art and science, that is swiftly taking over the space of the natural by the development of new technologies. The historical transformation of the body is reaching new peaks in connection with the artificial technological structure. There is a time frame being established, based on the recognition that nothing is ever going to be the same as before, when exactly the robots, as well as artificial bio-organisms are going to be the ones who will reason for us what the essence of life is, or what it means to be a human. The mimesis of a robot, a device with a series of sensors, controls, and pneumatic drives is becoming a simulacrum of the presence of human emotions.

The main guest of the festival will be Prof. Hiroshi Ishiguro from Japan ( He is a founder of android science and one of a hundred geniouses of today. His accomplishments and research will be presented at the symposium ( on Thursday, 10.10.2013 at 5pm. During the festival Dr. Kohei Ogawo will demonstrate his latest model of Geminoid HI-4 and teleoperating robot Telenoid. He has also developed other humanoids and robots, such as Robovie, Repliee and Elfoid. These robots have been featured in various media, including Discovery channel, NHK and BBC. He has won the best humanoid award on Robocup four times.

Also Slovenian scientist will present their findings in the robotics field at this festival. The head of automatics, biocybernetics and robotics from Institut Jožef Štefan (, Dr. Leon Žlajpah will present his contribution to the development of robotics. The philosophical aspect of these tectonic movements in the modern society will be revealed by Polona Tratnik, PhD of Philosophy and intermedia artist. (

There will also be exhibitions of artwork dealing with implementation of robotics in the modern society. Some of the exhibitors:
- the students of Academy of Fine Art from Ljubljana (video and new media) (
- professors of Faculty of computer and information science
- graduate students of new media from Linz University Interface culture (
- various established artists

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