Cynthia-Reeves Presents Key Works at Art Central Fair in Hong Kong This Weekend

Cynthia-Reeves Presents Key Works at Art Central Fair in Hong Kong This Weekend

At the premiere Art Central fair in Hong Kong, CYNTHIA-REEVES is presenting key works from artists whose creative process is concerned with high color, organic form, and elegant line. The fair runs this weekend, March 14 -16, 2015 (Central Harbourfront, Hong Kong - Booth C19).

As a focal point of the stand, we are featuring the work of activist and video artist, Anita Glesta, whose public art project, WATERSHED, will be on view in London as part of the upcoming Totally Thames River Festival in September. Her project is concerned with climate change and its impact on our oceans and riverways. The video content juxtaposes imagery of jewel-toned fish with educational content on how water levels are impacting ecosystems at all levels: human and marine.

Caroline Chang, a Hong Kong native, fashions sculptural installations in ceramics, often incorporating the propitious form of the butterfly, a symbol of prosperity. These meticulous forms, wrought out of thousands of tiny butterflies, are boldly colored and patterned, and elaborate a legacy around the role of the kimono and symbolism in Asian culture. Her work has been featured by Sotheby's in Hong Kong, and is in the permanent collections of museums in Asia and the United States, including the Museum of Fine Arts, Boston.

Jonathan Prince's stainless steel sculpture from his Liquid State series captures and reflects the high color of the Glesta video stills on glass, as well as the video images. An array of patterned light and shadow is the unexpected gift of this highly reflective sculptural form.

Lianghong Feng lives and works in Beijing, pursuing the language of abstract expressionism through the lens of a colorist. His saturated palette, enriched by the complex layering and dripping of paint, gives a distinctive edge to his canvases. Trained in the both China and the United States, his work incorporates the thesis of abstraction combined with the sensibility and discipline of calligraphy.

An explosion of color and object is the point of Thomas Jackson's photography, but his work hews toward a marvelous humor, as the viewer is met with an unexpected and improbable tableau. As with Glesta's work, he uses nature as his backdrop, against which he fabricates his whimsical and confounding compositions.

Shen Chen, a Chinese artist whose meditative works draw from his discipline in ink brush drawings, works nonetheless in bold color, laying in tonal studies side by side for an ombre effect in his paintings. Shen has been exhibiting his minimalist works in museums and galleries in Asia, Europe and the United States to great acclaim.

For complimentary tickets to Art Central Hong Kong, email the gallery at or call 212.714. We look forward to welcoming you to Art Central Hong Kong.