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BWW Previews: DENNIS LARKINS at Sacred Gallery in NYC, 'Road Trip to the Fourth Dimension'

Dennis Larkins returns to Sacred Gallery in the Soho neighborhood of New York City with his new exhibition, Road Trip to the Fourth Dimension. Curated by Les Barany, the exhibition opens on Thursday, 9/4/14 and will run through 10/31/14 with the opening reception on 9/4 from 8:00 pm to 11:00 pm. Sacred Gallery is located at 424 Broadway, near the Canal Street intersection on the second floor. It is free and open to the public daily from noon to 8:00 pm. Visitors can expect to see an excellent display of Larkin's talent.

Larkins is renowned for his set design and illustration work for bands including The Grateful Dead and The Rolling Stones. He presents iconic images of America's cultural past, borrowing heavily from the aesthetics of the Atomic Age and the Golden Age of Sci-Fi, to present at once a critique of America's past, present, and past-futures. Aliens, mushroom clouds, and rocket ships mingle with the family unit through Larkins' unique painted sculptural reliefs that present a field of depth and tangibility to his fantastic canvases.

Larkins talked about the inspiration for his art. "Growing up bathed in the glow of the Atomic Age is bound to scramble any thinking person's circuits. From the time America started planting its own mushroom forest out in the vast deserts of the West, I have been turning to art to heal my radiation burns." He further stated, "As a young artist weathering the chaos of the 1960s in the mountains of northern New Mexico, I painted directly from the landscape. Little did I know that my journey would be more about an internal landscape of self-discovery and spiritual growth. For the next several years, perplexing images began to emerge from the depths of my own psyche. I found that by juxtaposing personal elements of symbol, metaphor and cultural iconography, I was creating a form of open-ended storytelling which offered for each viewer questions raised and answers cryptically unique to their own experience."

Visitors to Larkins' exhibition at Sacred Gallery will see an excellent representation of his work. Sacred Gallery was established in December of 2009 by Gallery Director Kevin Wilson. The gallery's mission is to exhibit a wide variety of works and artists. Over the last 4 years, Sacred has featured graffiti artists, painters, photographers, print makers, comic book artists, documenters, and many other types of artists using a variety of mediums, including blood and live performance graffiti. The gallery prides itself on the accommodations that are provided to the diverse communities of artists that New York City and the world have to offer.

Sacred Gallery and its sister business, Sacred Tattoo are highly acclaimed and have received a great deal of media attention for their work. For more information, visit For purchase inquiries in the gallery, please email the gallery director at

Photo Credit: Courtesy of Sacred Tattoo

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