Art Exhibit Opens at NCKU, Taiwan, Through Today

Art Exhibit Opens at NCKU, Taiwan, Through Today

An exhibition featuring loneliness, traveling and memory of modern life opened at the Art Center of National Cheng Kung University (NCKU), southern Taiwan, Tuesday.

A total of 21 international artists, from Croatia, Serbia, Hong Kong, China and Taiwan, took part in the exhibition.

The exhibition was led by Assistant Professor Ming Turner of NCKU Institute of Creative Industries Design (ICID), and curated by five MA and PhD students from the Institute.

"The motivation of curating this exhibition is to provide the students the opportunity to develop the idea and realize the project," Prof. Turner said.

She also noted that the five curators are from a wide range of backgrounds and some of them are not from design background but they share the same passion for art especially art curation.

The curator Ching-Chwang Ho, who is also one of the participating artists, wrote calligraphy on the glass window of the NCKU art center as a form of performance art at the opening reception on June 18.

"I dreamed about making a river of love poems and I choose to use calligraphy to express romantic feelings of love," Ho said when she explained her work which is called "Love Poem River."

Hanna Librenjak, an exchange student from Croatia, who is also one of the show's five curators, had selected seven artists from over a hundred submission to show in her section.

Librenjak said, "I became inspired by loneliness because I think it's what that happened mostly in everybody's life but people are kind of embarrassed to talk about the condition."

"I want to present different aspects of loneliness through the eyes of artist," according to Librenjak.

Ho, Librenjak and co-curators Novia Shen, Michelle Wu, and Wei-Hsin Chien had prepared a feat of contemporary art on loneliness, travelling and memory.

A wide range of media, including videos, multi-media installation, photography, painting and performance were presented in the show.

The exhibition will run through Friday, June 20.