AMNH to Open The Power of Poison on November 16

AMNH to Open The Power of Poison on November 16

The exhibition opens to the public on Saturday, November 16, 2013, and is on view through August 10, 2014

WHERE: American Museum of Natural History, Central Park West at 79th Street

WHAT: The Power of Poison will explore poison's paradoxical roles in nature, human health and history, literature, and myth. Whether as a defense against predators, a source of magical strength, or a lethal weapon used as lifesaving medical treatment, the story of poison is surprising at every turn. Inviting visitors to explore some of history's most puzzling poisoning cases, the exhibition will include an interactive section where eyewitness accounts and clues can be used to solve poisoning mysteries, and a theater where live presenters will share dramatic stories of poisonings and forensic detection.

A gallery of history's most mysterious poisonings, from Cleopatra's legendary snakebite to Napoleon's alleged death by arsenic, will lead visitors into the Understanding Poison theater. Here presenters will use props, animations, and audience volunteers to explore a real-world poisoning case that will highlight the dramatic advances in toxicology and forensics since the 19th century. Next, visitors will encounter a large-scale tableau of other puzzling cases and can solve the mysteries using an iPad game. For instance, visitors can discover what poisoned Captain James Cook and two naturalists aboard Cook's ship in 1774.

ADMISSION: Admission to the Museum and the exhibition is $27 for adults, $16 for children, and $22 for seniors and students. For tickets, the public should call 212-769-5200 or visit